Lord Quiquaequod
File:Lord Quiquaequod.jpg{{#set:Has image=File:Lord Quiquaequod.jpg}}
Job: job::Wizard
Affiliated with: affiliation::Sayde le Fey
Appearance: The Glorious Dead {{#set:only appearance=The Glorious Dead (comic story)}}

Lord Quiquaequod was an alternate dimension version of the Eighth Doctor. He was a wizard.

On one occasion, he and his apprentice, Sayde le Fey, entered the Darkling Realms and fought the Darcoul. Quiquaequod used his powers to summon fire to burn the Darcoul's wings. The flames accidentally spread onto Sayde's cape. Quiquaequod could only watch in terror as his apprentice burned to death. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)

Behind the scenes Edit

Quiquaequod's name comes from TV: The Dæmons, where the Third Doctor calls himself "the great wizard Qui Quae Quod".

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